Undeniable likeness of Helen, Vol. 2

One of the staples to each visit with Mom is a review of recent photos. I take my iPad and we swipe through photos of Matt, me, and our families. I fill her in on the stories around some of the photos. She couldn’t look any less interested. However, she typically perks up when photos of Eliza pop up. They hold her gaze a little longer.

I have mentioned to Katie and Matt before on how I believe Eliza looks like my mom. Some photos are beautifully similar.



The chins.  The laugh-lines.  The shape of their faces.  The noses (a little bit).

The power of Helen is strong in Eliza.  It is comforting.  I love it.  Mom would love it too.


4 comments on “Undeniable likeness of Helen, Vol. 2

  1. Nikki Cavalier says:

    They could be twins.

  2. Shar Myers says:

    Both are amazingly similar and very beautiful. I hope that you will see your Mom in Eliza more and more in the upcoming years. It would indeed be a most comforting thing!! God bless.

  3. Joyce Grow says:

    I’m sorry you have the lost the mother you loved. I took care of my mom during her Alzheimer’s disease. It is something I will never forget. It’s hard to watch. Mom and I were best friends till the end. She also had cancer which she didn’t understand. Keep all the good memories close to your heart and try to talk about her every day

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