Momsitter Update

Recent update of activities for those of you who wonder what mom is up to:

week 7 jan 27 1030a-130p: today we did her hair,walked around a bit,listened to music,brushed our teeth,and went to activities for a bit.

day 2 jan 31 from 3p to 6p: today w walked around,redid our nails white with pink tips,listened to music and sang,looked at pictures of places in wv,puzzles,and brushed her teeth.

week 8 feb 5 from 1030a-130p: today we went to an activity in dining room and colored a picture there,walked around,went to act room and listened to jukebox,looked at bonton paper she liked this red coat in there,brushed teeth,and she laid down little after 1 for a nap.

day 2 feb 6 from 3p to 6p: today we walked,listened to jukebox,soaked our nails and lotioned them, redid fingernails dark pink and filed,soaked feet and lotioned them,and brushed her teeth