Fundraiser for iPads in Mom’s Nursing Home

Hi friends,

With the heightened risk of Covid-19 on the most vulnerable populations, my mom’s nursing home has quarantined all residents. Family, friends, and volunteers are not allowed to visit. These visits are what keep the residents connected and their spirits lifted. I’m raising money to buy iPads to donate to the nursing home so that residents can stay connected to loved ones via FaceTime or Zoom.

If you’re looking for a way to contribute, we appreciate the gift. Any amount is welcome!

Happy Halloween

A few pics with mom and the most adorable little pumpkin around!

I’ve taken a hiatus from the blog since summer to pack up and move. (More on that in a future post.) Happy to be back.

Thanks for keeping the good vibes coming our way! Happy Halloween.





Boob Job

My friend Mike complimented me a couple of years ago saying I was able to follow two or three conversations happening around me at the same time. I credit it to being a trainer and having to pay attention to a room full of people working at different speeds. And I’m sure that’s part of it. Sometimes when I’m with mom I wonder if it’s partly
the way I’m wired biologically.

Even though my mom doesn’t initiate or really have many conversations anymore, it doesn’t mean she’s not constantly listening to everything that’s going on around her. She’ll turn her head when she hears something down the hall. She’ll repeat a word or phrase that’s said on TV. She’ll even pick up and repeat the pages over the loudspeaker.

Though we don’t have conversations, mom is still listening when we talk. She’s still paying attention. A nursing home is a busy and loud place, with lots of simultaneous conversations, equipment beeping, TVs playing, and visitors in and out. She’s takes it all in.

Yesterday when Joey was telling me a story that involves a getting a “boob job,” mom picked right up on it and wouldn’t stop repeating the phase…