Valentine Cactus

My mom is always my Valentine. When we were kids, every February my mom would buy my brother and me a Valentine gift. Something small. A box of chocolates in the shape of a heart. Candy sweet tart hearts. Sometimes something sweet, paired with something practical, like new socks. And there was always a Valentine card signed, “Love, Mom” attached to whatever she’d bought.

My mom never stopped being my Valentine, even after I moved out. My first year in the dorms in college my mom sent me flowers for Valentine’s Day. I was so embarrassed to be getting flowers. I called to say thank you and she asked how I liked them. I said they were alright and a couple of the older guys on the floor made fun of me, but it was ok. The next year, she sent me a Valentine’s Day cactus arrangement. Much better for a guy’s dorm room.

When we moved my mom and I was packing up things in the house, I found a box with Valentine cards my brother and I gave to her over the years. Valentines I’d forgotten about, but that my mom had kept in an important place.

I’ve had lots of special people in my life who’ve given me nice Valentine gifts or took me out for a nice dinner, but I think I’ll always remember my cactus as the best gift from the Valentine who loved me the most!

Here’s a pictures of this year’s Valentine gift I put together and mailed to my mom from me and Joey. Don’t tell her you know what she’s getting! 🙂


3 comments on “Valentine Cactus

  1. Lindsay says:

    My mom still gives us little valentines day treats. I look forward to it every year. And I can’t wait to do it with our little one. I will stash that cactus idea away!

  2. Yvonne says:

    I love reading your posts and keeping up with your mom as well as you and Joey, more thimes than not, I close the sight with a tear in my eye but a smile on my face and warmth in my heart. It sounds like you have it figured out, but us Mom’s take advantage of Valentines Day because as you grow older you do become “embarassed” and feel too old to admit to anyone, even us, that you “are and always will be” our babies and our Favorite Valentine as well. We have been Blessed to know that kind of love in our family, sadly I know too many people that don’t share in our compassion.
    Happy Belated Valentines Day and I still want to come and see you all.

    • mymomkathy says:

      Thanks Von. We will plan our get together for spring. It’s warming up and it would be good to get mom and Joey and drive to meet you somewhere!

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