Calling Joey

Mom and I hung out today and called Joey from the car. It went like this:

Joey (on phone): Hi mom.
Mom: Hi Joey.
Joey: How are you?
Mom: I’m fine.
Joey: What are you doing
Mom: I’m rocking back and forth in my seat.
Joey: Where are you going?
Mom: We are going to…(pause)…a place.
Joey: What place?
Mom: We are going to a place, Joey.

Matt: Tell Joey we got the car washed.
Mom: We got the car washed, Joey.
Matt: (tapping on a plastic cup) Mom, what is this?
Mom: That’s a milkshake, Matt.
Mom: Hey, Joey. I got a milkshake. I got a milkshake.


2 comments on “Calling Joey

  1. Lynn Kessler says:

    This made me happy. Your mom is lucky to have you two for her sons.

  2. Mary Kay Thatcher says:

    You’re the best son Matt, Hey can we have lunch soon? Mary Kay

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