Good Friday

I’m in my kitchen on Good Friday, I’m boiling eggs, and thinking about my mom. I always think about my mom on Good Friday. I was born on Good Friday, and every year my mom and I would talk about that day. In that way I had two special days every year, one was birthday, and the other was Good Friday.

I didn’t talk to my mom today because she was sleeping when I called. I did get a voicemail from the speech therapist who told me mom was doing much better on her special diet and using her special cup. She doesn’t have to be monitored as closely at mealtimes. So even though I didn’t get to hear from her, I got to hear about her, and that was good.

But back to boiling eggs. My brother and I are headed to see mom tomorrow and to dye Easter eggs. I bought a dozen Grade A extra large white eggs for the outing, the kind we always used. I ate two for breakfast so we have ten to work with tomorrow. 20120406-213142.jpg

I honestly can’t remember how long it’s even been since I dyed an Easter egg. Seriously? 15 years…at least? I didn’t even think I’d remember how.

So I started flipping through old pictures and found there was quite a lot I actually remembered…how we’d put down newspaper all over the kitchen table and then put food coloring, water and a little bit of vinegar into coffee mugs. Any other day of the year it seemed like we had waaaay too many coffee mugs in our house for a family of two adults and two kids. Easter egg making time was the one day that there didn’t seem to be enough mugs for all the color creations our brains could come up with. I remembered how we would do a few solid eggs. Then we’d get bored with those and do a few half and half eggs by holding one end in the dye, letting it dry and repeating it in a new color. And I remember how no matter what, Easter egg dying time ended with my brother and I each putting an egg into as many colors as we could and attempting to make the ugliest Easter egg possible.

Some rocking vintage family Easter shots, in anticipation of tomorrow’s big adventure…

My first Good Friday
My second Easter.
My first peep
Sharing my Peeps with my dad
Joey’s first Peep
Easter egg hunting with my brother and cousins
My brother showing off the eggs he found
Easter styling I
Joey’s first Easter basket
Easter styling II
A very 70’s Easter

3 comments on “Good Friday

  1. sita75 says:

    Can’t wait to hear about how it all goes tomorrow…

  2. Joan Rooney says:

    Matt, you are reminding me how cool it is to organize one’s photos.

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