Visited my mom for dinner tonight. Here’s the highlight:
Me: Mom, today is April 13th.
Mom: I’m eating my potatoes, Matt.
Me: Yesterday was April 12th. Do you know what happened on April 12th?
Mom: I layed down in my bed.
Me: What else?
Mom: I layed down in my bed and pulled up the covers.
Me: Yes, that happened yesterday April 12th. What happened a long time ago on April 12th? In the past?
Mom: (10 second pause) You were born.
Me: Right! So if I was born on April 12th, and yesterday was April 12th, then what does that make yesterday?
Mom: Your birthday. Yesterday was your birthday.
Me: What do you say when it’s someone’s birthday?
Mom: Happy birthday to you Matt. Happy birthday to you Matt.
Me: Thanks Mom.
Mom: You’re welcome Matt.
(10 second pause)
Mom: I’m eating my potatoes Matt.


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