Momsitting Update

Today was the first day with the new momsitting service.  Happy to report it was a big success.  The momsitter arrived at 10:30, got mom out of bed and didn’t let her get back in bed till 1:30.  They walked laps inside and outside.  There was a sing-a-long that was attended.  They worked some puzzles.  The momsitter learned the eating routine and lunch went great.  Hopefully Wednesday and Friday go just as well or better.

2 comments on “Momsitting Update

  1. Michelle Tharp says:

    Dear Matt:

    Thanks for sharing this journey! It will help you and your brother celebrate your mother’s life. I couldn’t acknowledge it at the time, but now I know taking care of my dad during his last year of life was a precious gift of love. I wish I would have captured the day he decided to teach Aiden to fish from his lazy boy…out the living room window…into my mother’s landscaping pond. Dad survived…fish not so lucky!

    Take care friend!
    Michelle Tharp

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