Christmas Books

Few things have such legendary status in our family as the Christmas books my brother and I made in elementary school. They were handled with the care associated with great historical artifacts. Every Christmas they would be carefully unpacked out of a box, dusted off, and put prominently on the coffee table opposite the tree. All other coffee table books and magazines would be put away so as to focus all attention on these books. Over the years we have laughed till we cried at how ridiculous and wonderful they are. Over the last decade I thought they had been lost. I found the books a couple of months ago while going through some boxes of my mom’s things. She’d put them away for safe keeping. And now here they are…for everyone to laugh at and enjoy. Merry Christmas!

2 comments on “Christmas Books

  1. Nancy Rosenshine says:

    The very definition of priceless!

  2. Catherine Sayre says:

    How wonderful for her to save it for so long.

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