Momsitter Update

Recent update of activities for those of you who wonder what mom is up to:

week 7 jan 27 1030a-130p: today we did her hair,walked around a bit,listened to music,brushed our teeth,and went to activities for a bit.

day 2 jan 31 from 3p to 6p: today w walked around,redid our nails white with pink tips,listened to music and sang,looked at pictures of places in wv,puzzles,and brushed her teeth.

week 8 feb 5 from 1030a-130p: today we went to an activity in dining room and colored a picture there,walked around,went to act room and listened to jukebox,looked at bonton paper she liked this red coat in there,brushed teeth,and she laid down little after 1 for a nap.

day 2 feb 6 from 3p to 6p: today we walked,listened to jukebox,soaked our nails and lotioned them, redid fingernails dark pink and filed,soaked feet and lotioned them,and brushed her teeth

3 comments on “Momsitter Update

  1. Shar Myers says:

    Mat – You cannot believe how the entries made by your Momsitter(s) so very much resemble those made in the journals kept by the wonderful ladies who took care of my Mom (prior to us having to put her in the Nursing Home)! They would write in spiral bound notebooks day in and day out for the entire 6 plus years they cared for her. How blessed that your Mom is in such loving and caring hands.

  2. bobby stuart says:

    sounds like your mother is getting good care and her oral hygiene is terrific

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