Momsitting Still Going Strong


week 19
day 1 today we walked arnd,brushed teeth,played cards,listened to music,read daily book,and looked at newspaper.
day 2 today we walked arnd,brushed teeth,puzzles,read daily book,and played memory game.
day 3 today we walked,listened to music,puzzles,went outside for a walk and rocked in rocking chair,lotioned and massaged hands and feet,matched up outfits,and read daily book.
day 4 today we listened to music,cleaned nails,puzzles ,walked arnd,repainted nails,read daily book,and brushed teeth.

week 20
day 1 today we walked arnd, puzzles,brushed teeth,read daily book,went to theraphy and peddled bike,listened to music,and trimmed and cleaned fingernails.
day 2 today we played cards,read daily book,brushed teeth,listened to music,walked arnd,went outside and sat in sun and took walk outside.
day 3 today we went to theraphy and hit balloon around,walked around, redid nails orange,brushed teeth,read daily book,and did puzzles.
day 4 today we walked arnd,puzzles,brushed teeth,read daily book,folded clothes,played tic tac toe,and went outside and rocked in rocking chair


2 comments on “Momsitting Still Going Strong

  1. bobby stuart says:

    i see that pink is still a fav –

  2. DebbieWilliams says:

    Good job, Mon Sitter!!

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