Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday, Kathy DeMarco!

To celebrate this day I am doing my best to follow the mantra WWKD, what would Kathy do?

Mom’s Birthday, To Do List:

• Eat a tomato sandwich, on toast.
• Drink iced tea.
• Listen to some of Kathy’s favorite songs, and sing along…loudly, maybe with the proper lyrics, or with the words they should have used in the song.
• I’m going to do something compassionate for a stranger.
• Give someone some folksy/awesome advice, via a Kathyism. “It’s not cool to be cold.”
• Think of others first.
• Dance, poorly and off beat, but not care. (DeMarco’s are not “dancing folk”.)
• Smile and laugh a lot.
• Call my family.
• Enjoy a good dinner with my family.

Since I will not be able to go visit Mom on this day I am going to take my wife out for dinner tonight and order what I think Kathy would order. Since my wife has wonderful manners I am seriously doubting I will be able to use some of my favorite Kathyisms at dinner, “No singing at the dinner table. Would you like to eat with us, or without us?” (I always found that a trick questions as a kid, and more often than not chose the wrong answer)

I love you Mom. Every visit, and every memory I am reminded that all the good things that I am I got from you and dad. All the bad stuff I either picked up on my own, or it was advice from my brother.

Happy Birthday, Momma D!

One comment on “Happy Birthday!

  1. Lynn Kessler says:

    Beautiful tribute! Happy birthday, Kathy!

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