When I’m Sixty-Four

When I’m Sixty-Four

Today is my mom’s 64th birthday.  And it’s a big birthday for me.  This may sound weird but I’ve been waiting for this particular birthday all my life.  I’ve been really excited for my mom to turn 64.  

One of my earliest memories is my mom singing the Beatle’s “When I’m 64.”  She sang it to me when I was a toddler.  She sang it when she washed dishes.  She sang it while she gardened.  She whistled it.  She got it in my head at an early age.  

So throughout my life, whenever I would hear this song, I’d think of my mom, and I’d wonder what we would be like when she was 64, and if she’d sing this song on her 64th Birthday.

Well, I sang it.  Several times today.  And I thought about how our relationship has changed in almost 40 years.

And I wondered if when my mom would sing this song, she thought about the lyrics, and wondered if we would all still need each other, and if we’d all still love each other when she was 64?  Did she sing it as a question?  Or, did she know she’d done a good job and that whatever the circumstances, wherever we were, we’d love each other even more, we’d need each other even more, when she turned 64!

5 comments on “When I’m Sixty-Four

  1. Lori says:

    This was such an ‘awe’ moment for me! Very eloquent!

  2. Lynn Kessler says:

    Beautifully said. Happy birthday, Kathy!

  3. bobby stuart says:

    64 – wow – I lost my daddy when he was 64 – far too young for such a wonderful man to part this world – though you have your mother – one could compare our life experience as she is here but away….my heart goes out to you and hope you make the best of her 64th – we did – his birthday was in July and he passed in November – he had his favorite chocolate cake and two of the most important people in his life, Deej & Lea Ann at his side – your mother and my daddy – we love them even more-

    • mymomkathy says:

      Wow. We have so much in common! Thanks for all the love and support always. Sorry I missed you on DJs trip to the beach. We will have to plan something else for this summer.

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