Trick or Treat

Halloween is such a “mom” holiday. There are costumes to assemble which require creativity, ingenuity, and an attention to detail. There are treats to buy, requiring the skill to estimate what is enough to go around without too much left over. There is the need to remain clearheaded about safety in the midst of all the fun and excitement. All perfectly tailored mom jobs that my mom always did for us, and in turn fostered our love for Halloween.

All these years later my brother and I still have a passion for Halloween. (I think he has 10 costumes for his newborn.)

One Halloween job my mom loved was passing out candy. She’d get the largest mixing bowl from the kitchen, fill it with candy, and sit on the front stoop. She talked to every kid who came to the door and asked about their costumes.

I was so happy to get this picture of her passing out candy in the nursing home this year. A little bit of assistance required, but loving it all the same I’m sure!


One comment on “Trick or Treat

  1. bobby stuart says:

    i think she is picking out what she wants- 🙂

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