I’m loving it…

I called my mom to talk before bedtime. I was asking her how the day was…”Fine.” I asked her if she ate all her dinner… “Yes.” I asked her if she was wearing her night time clothes or her daytime clothes… “Night time clothes.”

And then she said, “I’m loving it.” I said, “Mom, what are you loving?” She said, “Matt, I’m loving it.” I said, “I know mom, but what are you loving?” “I’m loving it, Matt. I’m loving it.”

Long pause…… “The McRib is back. I’m loving it. The McRib is back. I’m loving it.”

So, I was having a conversation with mom and she was reading someone’s McDonald’s cup that was left on the counter. I’m loving it.

2 comments on “I’m loving it…

  1. aunt bobby says:

    matt – this is the most incredible way to cope that i have ever heard – i will follow you and i will pray for you and your mother –

  2. Gina Taylor says:

    You know, Matt…I have had much less stimulating conversations with people who supposedly have much more brain power. At least what she was saying was positive. 🙂

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