Nap time…

One of the things that’s happened in the last year is that mom has increasingly been more confused about the time of day.  When I call her and ask what she’s doing at 7PM, she’ll be on her way to breakfast.  Or when I call in the middle of the afternoon she’ll be waiting for her 8PM meds.  I know that is part of the progression of the disease.  It also has to be in part because she sleeps bizarre hours.  Especially since we moved her to a new living facility in August, she’s sometimes sleeping huge parts of the day and up all night.

So it’s no surprise that after about 2 or 3 hours of me dragging her all around town running errands with me, she’s wiped out!  Here’s a great video from this weekend.  She decided she wanted a nap, then at the last minute got up to close the closet curtain and got sidetracked.  But I got her back and focused on nap time…

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