Visit from Santa (and a Shout Out to Jesus)

When I was a little boy in Charleston, the place to meet Santa was at the Diamond Department Store for their annual Breakfast with Santa.  There is something great about growing up in the old days of the huge department store, where there was everything you needed under one roof, and when you went to shop, you had coffee, tea or lunch at the restaurant inside.  And once a year, the department store was lucky enough to host a breakfast meeting with Santa Claus.  And I was lucky enough to get to go.  And years later, after the Diamond Department Store was gone, Santa still came to town, but he sat on a big throne in the middle of the mall courtyard, surrounded by swirls of shoppers and lines of kids.  It wasn’t the same.

I honestly don’t remember much about having breakfast with Santa, but I remember what everyone remembers of those really early events…that Santa was a BIG DEAL.  And as I grew up, that never changed, the idea of Santa, the magic of Santa was always big in my family.  We got gifts from Santa well into adulthood.  Stockings were always stuffed with goodies, long after we knew who was doing the stuffing.  And in spite of all the changes we have gone through, one thing is still there…Santa.  And he’s still bringing us a little Christmas spirit just when we need it the most.

2 comments on “Visit from Santa (and a Shout Out to Jesus)

  1. Trish says:

    Merry Christmas Kathy, Matt and family. Your blog has enriched my life. Thanks, Trish

  2. Brad Nester says:

    Matt, Kathy and Joey and your wife Katie,

    I know that you all had a Merry Christmas and wish you all a Happy New Year and I know that God will Bless you all. Matt tell your mother hello from me and Joey it good to see you and I’ve never seen or met your wife, I see her in the videos. Matt give Kathy a gentle kiss for me and tell her its from the family. Brad

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