Rudolph the mysterious reindeer

One of the wonderful things about the Alzheimer’s wing is that there are always new decorations in my mom’s room.  🙂  The residents on this wing wander all day and pick stuff up and put it down elsewhere, or have their stuff picked up and carried off.  The staff spends time every day wandering through rooms and returning pictures and whatnot to their rightful owners.  My mom had Happy Birthday balloons in her room last week.  Her birthday is in June.

When we visited this weekend there was a Rudolph the Mysterious Reindeer that has taken up residence in my mom’s room…at least for the time being…

2 comments on “Rudolph the mysterious reindeer

  1. Yvonne says:

    Merry Christmas Matt, Joey and wife, and especially Kathy. I can solve the Rudolph mystery for you….I sent your mom a box a few weeks ago, Rudolph was included. I know from watching your videos that she loves to sing and thought it would brighten her room and she would enjoy singing a familiar Christmas tune. Also, (because she enjoys her singing so much) I found a car Karaoke with a pretend mic and all…Lol, and some pink fuzzy socks should you see those floating around anywhere. Ha ha ha
    I can’t tell you how much I enjoy logging in and seeing the great time you have with your mom….I know that you are, but enjoy these precious visits. I hope you all have a Wonderful and safe Christmas. I will write more on your private email.
    Love to you all….Von

  2. mymomkathy says:

    Von…I love it! I totally thought she had swiped it from somewhere or one of the people who work there had drawn her name in the secret Santa. Even better to know that you sent it. We have played with it every time I’ve been there the last week and a half. She loves to sing a long to it. And I did see the pink fuzzy socks. They made it! Glad you are enjoying the posts. It’s great to be able to let people see mom and what’s going on on a regular basis. After the new year, let’s plan to meet up in Morgantown so you can spend some time with mom. We could do laps at the mall and get a pretzel or something. She STILL doesn’t sit down for very long. I definitely know where I get it.

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