How’s Mom Doing?

Text messages:

Matt: How was mom when you saw her today?

Joey: She was fine. We watched tv for a while, then walked around for a while, then did a couple puzzles.

Matt: Did the nurse say she’s been ok?

Joey: Said she’s been fine. Awake during the day, and she’s now really bossy.

Matt: So back to her old self?

Joey: Not as manic or as active. Not as bad.

Matt: That’s good!

2 comments on “How’s Mom Doing?

  1. Brad Nester says:

    Hello Matt, Joey and Kathy,

    Are you all getting any snow over there in that side of the state? we’re getting some and it real cold here we’re all doing well and all well there say hello for us.

    • mymomkathy says:

      Hi Brad. We haven’t been getting any snow. Only rain. It makes for better traveling weather than snow and since we are going every weekend to see mom, I”m always hoping for good weather during the weekends. I did tell mom a big hello from you. I have been scanning some picture so that I can take on my computer and show her. Hoping that looking at pics of family and asking her questions about who people are will help with some of the memory and recall stuff.

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