We’re back…Buttercup

I think I just needed a few weeks to feel like I could get life together, through the madness of the holidays and the new year. Then after the new year came I felt overwhelmed because I wanted to edit videos and pictures and I felt I needed to post things in chronological order. Is that the stupidest reason not to write something? Just because it might be out of sequence. I know the readers on of this blog and they will be fine with a Christmas story in February.

So for our first real post of the new year, I arrived at the home on Monday and mom was zonked out. She did not want to get out of bed. She had her lunch and was settled in for an afternoon nap. I felt guilty coercing her with the promise of getting her hair brush and choosing an outfit. But it worked and we got up, got moving, and had a great hour of riding around in the car. We even stopped for a thrilling excursion to the Dollar General where I bought…wait for it…a new tire pressure gauge. Do mom and I live on the edge or what.

So here is a tune from the end of our drive. Unfortunately the end of video cuts off before you get this exchange:

Me: “Did you like that song, mom?”
Mom: “Yes.”
Me: “Me too. It’s one of my favorites.”
Mom: “I peed in my pants.”
Me: “Oh is that how much you liked it?”
Mom: “No, I just peed in my pants.”

Thank goodness for Oldies radio and pee pads for your car seats. Here’s to a good year…

2 comments on “We’re back…Buttercup

  1. bobby stuart says:

    matt – it’s always the little things that we remember the most – fav flower – ice cream-moments of laughter and tears – their parfum-

  2. OK, I’m crying at my desk right now. WHY? Because your mom asked for a kiss. TWICE! This is wonderful.

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