Momsitting Update

week 25

day 1 today took walk outside,walked and,matched up outfits,read daily book,brush teeth,played a fishing game,soaked and cleaned feet,and massaged and painted toenails purple.  

day 2 went outside for walk,rocked in rocking chair,listened to music,puzzles,brush teeth,read daily book.

day 3 today we went for a walk inside due to rain,brush teeth,played slot machine,listened to music,read daily book,and puzzles.

day 4 today we did puzzles,listened to music,repainted nails purple with white tips,brush teeth,read daily book,walked inside due to rain,and lotioned and massaged hands.                                       

 week 26

day 1 today we walked inside due to rain,puzzles,brush teeth,read daily book,sat on back porch and watch the rain come down,and listened to music.

day 2 today we took a walk,brush teeth,puzzles,took walk outside,rocked in rocking chair,read daily book,listened to music,cleaned nails,played velcro and fishing game.

day 3 today we took walk outside,played magnet fish game,puzzles,listened to music,brush teeth,repainted nails pink,read daily book,and matched outfits.

day 4 today we took walk outside,threw balloon back and forth,went to ice cream party on porch,brush teeth,puzzles,read daily book,cleaned nails,curled hair,and matched up outfits.    

One comment on “Momsitting Update

  1. bobby stuart says:

    there is nothing wrong with routine

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