Convertible Day

Mom still manages to surprise me. There are times she seems to have lost things and I just decide they are gone and move on. Balance has been one of those things. Another was being able to get up and down from a chair on her own. Since the neurologist said it is an inevitable sign of disease progression, when I noticed I thought it was another new normal.

But I was surprised when I went last week and she’s moving around better than she has in a couple of months. Even getting out of a chair on her own.

It seems she’s been working with physical therapy and the momsitter on her balance and strength. They’ve had her riding an exercise bike and playing catch with a nerf ball. And it’s helped.

I decided I should stop making assumptions about what we can’t do anymore, and since it was a beautiful day on Saturday I took mom for a ride in the convertible. The end of the video is classic…









3 comments on “Convertible Day

  1. DebbieWilliams says:

    Love to you!!

  2. bobby stuart says:

    thanks for sharing, Matt and God bless you!

  3. Meg Corder-Roque says:

    Your mom looks very “Thelma and Louise” in these pictures – watch out, Brad Pitt!

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